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Pantero. A peaceful, agricultural planet of the Rabit. Wiped out be the Haul. When Forne Rako gets into a position to stop the hopeless war, he has to decide whether to betray his own people or to kill billions of possibly innocent Haul.

  1. Haul
    1. 1.Hunt

      During the battle at LC-5437, Forne Rako is shot down over an unhabited jungle world. He faces two major problems: To build a radio from rocks and plants and to reach his people without notifying the vicious Haul of his presence.

      1. 1.1Going Down

        After a nerve-wrecking descend, Forne finds himself racing blind through the thick cloud layer of a jungle world. Without a working engine, he approaches a mountain ridge.

      2. 1.2Waiting to Die

        Due to his deadly injuries, General Rowarl can only wait for being rescued. When someone finally arrives, it's not the rescue team but a Rabit. And his behavior is extremely odd.

      3. 1.3Retreat

        Admiral Martia Restino of the Rabit Space Force has to face her defeat. Should she stay longer, risking her crew, for the small chance to save a few pilots from the Haul or jump home immediately?

      4. 1.4Rescue Capsule

        On his way back to the crash site of his ship, Forne notices an unexpected radio signal.

      5. 1.5Bad News

        While the Rabit at LC-5437 fight for their lives, Ambassador Woren Garek on the Haul home world has her very own worries.

      6. 1.6Enemy Mine

        Forne realizes that the Haul in the capsule is not so dead as it seemed. Being the quick thinker he is, he immediately starts wondering how he can use this to as his advantage.

      7. 1.7Sour Fame

        Mark Satchez, the famous TV host behind the Pantero Report, plans the report about the battle at LC-5437.

      8. 1.8Hunting Game

        On the surface of the jungle world, Forne tries very hard not to be captured by the Haul rescue team.

      9. 1.9Rescue Operation

        While Forne tries to figure out a way to get on the Haul shuttle, the Haul find the tied down body of General Rowarl.

      10. 1.10Surficial Problems

        On the surface of the jungle world, the Haul start to hunt Forne.

      11. 1.11Hero's Welcome

        The bodies of General Rowarl and Forne Rako are brought on board the RORR.

      12. 1.12The Show of the Century

        The Show of the Century begins.

      13. 1.13Losses

        The captain of the RORR tries to make heads and tails out of the reports he got from the surface.

      14. 1.14Last Wills

        The Honorable House Haul-Hau receives the last will of General Rowarl.

      15. 1.15Show Off

        Mark tells his viewers what happened. Rabit from all over the Commonwealth call in to share their joy.

      16. 1.16Silent Victory

        While the Haul consider their losses, the Rabit Government plans its next steps.

      17. 1.17Hidden Agenda

        A mysterious hacker called "sPectre" appears and Freddy Cones starts his holidays.

      18. 1.18Chances

        Rarrarar asks Raor to translate Forne's words.

      19. 1.19Hero's Death

        Raor works on the translation of Forne's words.

      20. 1.20Waiting Torture

        To his surprise, Forne Rako finds himself alive. He's not so sure how happy he should feel about it.

      21. 1.21Game, Anyone?

        The first Rabit dragged away is Forne Rako.

      22. 1.22Tour de Ship

        While Rarrarar tries to sell the idea of giving the Rabits a tour of the ship, the Rabit make their plans.

      23. 1.23Window Outside

        The tour of the ship starts with a fighter hangar.


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